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View our menu and choose from a selection of fresh, fully prepared, ready-to-eat meals.


Our meals are prepared daily by our team of chefs in the kitchen and are free from any preservatives.
We deliver your freshly prepared meals to your Home or Office or pickup from our Certified Food Production Kitchen.


Simply heat-and-eat your meals when you’re hungry. Stay nourished, feel energized and save time, (because your time is valuable)!

Custom food orders for office lunches and children’s birthday parties

Whether it is about custom food orders for offices lunches or children’s birthday parties, food is the principal element that glorifies your occasion. Given the time constraints that people have, it is very difficult to make time to cook food to satisfy diverse tastes. Thus, the best solution is to have custom orders delivered from […]

Advantages of ordering healthy takeout versus cooking at home

Nothing can beat the quality and flavour of a good homecooked meal. But how about having healthy takeouts? Doesn’t it sound great? In our busy lives, most of us who have jobs do not have enough time to prepare our favourite meals because we often feel exhausted when we arrive home after a long day’s […]

International flavours used locally

Before the late 1980s, the type of food that you could find at restaurants in the Lower Mainland was standard Canadian or North American fare such as burgers, steak, apple pie, potato salad, and ribs to name a few. However, with the advent of Expo 86’ and the sudden arrival of an influx of immigrants […]

Whole versus refined carbohydrates

The amount of carbs we ought to consume is a highly controversial topic especially when it comes to Whole versus Refined Carbohydrates. Although, before coming to that, there are some primary dietary confusions. On one hand, some dietary guidelines suggest that we get about half of our calories from carbohydrates. Conversely, other health reports suggest […]

Current and emerging healthy food trends

Every country and region has its own gastronomy and is passionate about its own cuisine although food trends evolve. Many industries have faced losses but the food industry is the only evolving one that is trending and riding daily no matter what. Current food trends are exciting. Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures and […]

Vegans, Vegetarians, and Pescatarians

Before discussing about the Vegans, Vegetarians, and Pescatarians, let’s discuss a little history.  Prior to the Industrial Revolution, all societies were agricultural. People would grow their crops, grind their wheat, bake their bread, and preserved food for winter. Upon the advent of Industrialization between 1760-1840, society changed drastically. Factories were used to manufacture textiles & […]

Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

As we get older our metabolism slows down and we need to alter our diets to adjust to our changing bodies by eating food that is lower in calories. Nowadays, it has become difficult to feed seniors with health issues for as people get older, their appetites decrease. For this reason, elderly people need to […]

Healthy Grains and Greens

Healthy Grains and greens both have their benefits. Eating healthy food keeps your stomach and digestive system in good shape. Many people question what will be better for their health; grains or greens and how their health will be if they skip one of them or both? People get confused because they receive conflicting nutritional […]

The positives of being a regular customer

If a business has its customer’s loyalty, then it is one of the most successful brands. However, there are lots of advantages to being a regular customer of a particular company. There are many positives to being a regular customer as it builds a brand and customer relationship and enables you to derive benefits such […]

Supporting local businesses versus franchises

Advertising and marketing are powerful tools that brainwash customers and lure them into purchasing goods that they might not otherwise buy. Advertisements and commercials such as those of Mcdonald’s restaurant, for instance, loom everywhere on billboards, buses, magazines, kiosks, and televisions because such corporations can afford mass advertising campaigns since their franchisees and bound to […]