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Custom Food Orders

Custom food orders for office lunches and children’s birthday parties

Whether it is about custom food orders for offices lunches or children’s birthday
parties, food is the principal element that glorifies your occasion. Given the time
constraints that people have, it is very difficult to make time to cook food to
satisfy diverse tastes. Thus, the best solution is to have custom orders
delivered from specialists who know understand what tantalizes local taste buds.

Why prefer custom food boxes for children’s birthday parties?
Birthdays are special occasions for parents and children. Children get excited as
their birthday approaches and want their special day to be wonderful. Now,
nutrition education has been implemented in the school curriculum for every
grade, and several school administrators have discouraged parents from packing
carbonated drinks and sweets in their school lunch packs. For this reason, we want
there to be continuity in children’s minds and lives regarding nutritional concepts
which is why many catering companies are offering custom healthy meals for this
purpose. In some families, pizza, burgers, and hot dogs are still offered at parties;
however, due to the changing face of society, and rising food allergies, other
families want to find alternative ways of feeding their guests. Instead of ordering
junk food, they can now order healthy salad boxes, bowls, and wraps. Just
because the food ordered for a party is healthy, it does not mean that it lacks
flavour. Many healthy catering companies who delivery party food are conscious
about common allergens such as peanuts and eggs which might have an adverse
reaction on children which is why ordering custom- meals from them versus a
franchise that manufactures food would be a better choice.

Custom lunches for offices
“If you eat well, you will work well” is a common saying. It is important to eat
healthy food at regular intervals to remain focused while working. When you are
hungry and consume food with poor nutritive value, your state of mind might
hinder your job performance. For instance, if you eat too much cake and drink
coffee with lots of sugar, then you might get a sugar rush or a brain fog and feel
drowsy and lethargic, and cannot concentrate on your job. If you
prepare a sandwich for lunch in the morning, it may not be fresh at lunchtime.
The juice from the tomato slices might seep into your bread making your
sandwich soggy. Who wants to eat a soggy sandwich for lunch? Nobody! Thus, the
best solution to tackling these problems is simple. Order food from a healthy meal
catering company. Such companies have a weekly menu with a variety of healthy,
low-calorie options you can select. If you order food regularly, not only will you
get a discount for mass-ordering, but you will also properly fuel your body and satisfy you. Currently, many offices are ordering sandwiches, wraps, and
entrees to treat their employees after board meetings. What a great idea!

Advantages of ordering healthy takeout versus cooking at home

Nothing can beat the quality and flavour of a good homecooked meal. But how
about having healthy takeouts? Doesn’t it sound great? In our busy lives, most of
us who have jobs do not have enough time to prepare our favourite meals because
we often feel exhausted when we arrive home after a long day’s work and simply
do not have the energy or patience to cook. Thus, we turn to alternative methods
of feeding ourselves. But is ordering takeout okay? This is the most common
question among people.
Yes, ordering healthy takeout can be healthy depending on which meal-prep
the company we select our food from. For instance, we would not be
doing our bodies justice by ordering greasy burgers, French fries, poutine, or
deep-fried Chinese menu items that have lots of monosodium glutamate such as
sweet & sour pork, spring rolls, or salty or excessively seasoned stir-fries. However,
if we order from a caterer whose mandate is to supply meals that are lower in
sodium, oil, and calories, then we are making a smarter choice.
The safest way in which we can make wiser and well-informed selections about
what we are putting into our bodies is to make inquiries about the food quality,
ingredients, and nutritional value of the menu items of the company we want to
order from. It is always good to check the website of the restaurant, read their
mission statement, and understand their cooking philosophy. Aside from
convenience, what other benefits could we gain from ordering food from a
catering company that supplies healthy meals?
In modern-day life, time is one of the most precious and valuable commodities
that exist. Most of us do not spend as much quality time with our friends and
loves ones as much as we would like to simply because we are too busy running
errands, driving our children to after-school classes, and devoting time and energy
to the companies we work for. Some of us hold demanding, professional
careers, and are practically “married” to our jobs because we spend long hours at
the office. If we have healthy meals catered to us when we have guests or visiting
relatives on weekends, we can spend quality time with them instead of slaving
away in the kitchen. Our visitors are here to see us when they come over, thus by
shutting ourselves away in our home kitchens, we cannot socialize with them,
which defeats the whole purpose of having a gathering or reunion. Thus, if we
source the meals that we share with our guests from elsewhere, we can relax and
enjoy our visitors’ company. Again, the food that we order need not be bland or
unhealthy. It all depends on how much research we do about the companies
which are supplying meals to us, how the meals are prepared and what
ingredients and seasonings they contain.

International Flavours

International flavours used locally

Before the late 1980s, the type of food that you could find at restaurants in the
Lower Mainland was standard Canadian or North American fare such as burgers,
steak, apple pie, potato salad, and ribs to name a few. However, with the advent
of Expo 86’ and the sudden arrival of an influx of immigrants from overseas,
we have seen a great change in the local culinary scene and a warm welcome of international flavours in our kitchen.

Introduction of new cuisines to Canada
The mountains, seas, and beautiful landscape of the West Coast is a great hub for
wealthy new immigrants who can afford the lifestyle here. The majority of
newcomers who have greatly influenced the local culinary culture of the Pacific
Rim upon their arrival is those who hail from Southeast Asia. Pho, sushi, and
Chinese restaurants are scattered everywhere and locals have learned to adapt
their palates and gain a great appreciation for such foreign dishes. Even
restaurant chains have reproduced their versions of popular Asian dishes
such as butter chicken, sushi, and Kung Pao chicken, and Pad Thai, dishes which
have become popular among locals. Master chefs have used imported ingredients
such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, sesame oil, fish sauce, curry, coconut, and
Thai basil infuses exotic flavours in local dishes as well thus creating fusion fare.
In addition, there has been a recent introduction of Middle Eastern flavours such as
preserved lemons and pomegranate molasses into the local cuisine. Year after
year, local chefs find more innovative ways of infusing flavours of exotic
ingredients into local dishes. Food trends evolve depending on what new
ingredients have been introduced to the local market.

Health Benefits of Emerging International Flavours
Surprisingly, some exotic ingredients imported from overseas have tremendous
health benefits. For instance, acai, a highly perishable superfruit from Brazil
which is normally consumed in cereals and smoothies contains antioxidants is
helpful with a variety of health concerns such as arthritis, skin appearance,
detoxification, and high cholesterol. Additionally, coconut water from Thailand
helps prevent kidney stones, promotes hydration, and can reduce blood pressure.
It contains potassium and electrolytes which are great for athletes. Hot and spicy
ingredients such as chilis from different countries and green tea and known to
raise our metabolic levels. A lot of naturopathic drug companies are
manufacturing supplements that contain products like chilis to boost the
metabolism of those who are on weight loss programs. Turmeric sold in capsules
at health food stores is another very popular spice whose nutritive properties aid
in reducing body inflammation. It is recommended to cancer patients and women
who want to reduce water retention in their bodies. Westcoast Canadians are
health nuts who are conscious about what they eat and take advantage of the
hiking trails in the lower mainland the beautiful outdoors to exercise their bodies
and replenish their minds by breathing fresh air and enjoying the beautiful views
from cliffs. Thus, health food companies target such customers by using
superfoods in their products for effective marketing strategies. For instance,
instead of using refined sugars, agave or cane sugar is a healthier alternative used
to sweeten cereals and bottled drinks. Many specialty grocery stores carry natural
local and imported products which boost human health.
The International flavor market is constantly growing and will always be in
demand to consumers. Locals are always looking for variety in their meals and
thus look forward to trying healthy, innovative cuisines with creative
presentations to entice their tastebuds and given themselves a treat.

Whole versus refined carbohydrates

The amount of carbs we ought to consume is a highly controversial topic especially when it comes to Whole versus Refined Carbohydrates. Although, before coming to that, there are some primary dietary confusions. On one hand, some dietary guidelines suggest that we get about half of our calories from carbohydrates. Conversely, other health reports suggest that excessive consumption of carbs may lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes and most of us
should try to avoid them. While there are logical arguments on both sides,
statistics confirm that our bodies need a balanced diet to function properly.
Whole and refined carbohydrates are both consumed for daily meals. But which
one is better and why choose one over the other? These are some important
questions regarding our food selection. In this competitive world, you need to
remain active and focused and eat well. One plate of a healthy meal means
consuming all essential nutrients important for a healthy and balanced diet, but
not all grains and carbohydrates are created equally.
Dietary carbohydrates are composed of 3 main components: Sugars, starches,
and fibre. Carbohydrates serve as fuel to our bodies and give us energy because
they enter our bodies, they get broken down into glucose that can be used as
energy or get stored as fat. The fibre in carbohydrates does not give us energy,
however, it feeds bacteria into our digestive system that can be used as energy as
well. However, not all carbohydrates have the same composition, for there are
many different types that can vary in their health effects.
We have classified carbohydrates into 2 categories: Whole and Refined
carbohydrates. Whole carbs contain fibre, are unprocessed, and are found naturally in
food. On the flip side, refined carbs are processed and have had their natural
fibres removed or changed thus changing their chemical composition and turning
it into sugar. The reason why diabetics and health-conscious individuals are
advised to stop eating foods containing processed carbs is that such carbs provide
our bodies with minimal nutrition and essentially turn into unhealthy sugars that
spike our insulin levels when they are digested. Some examples of whole carbs
that nutritionists encourage us to eat are quinoa, vegetables, barley, legumes,
and potatoes. Sweet potatoes are better to consume than regular ones
because they contain more fibre and beta keratin. On the other hand, examples
of foods containing refined carbohydrates which we have been encouraged to
avoid are sugar-sweetened beverages, white bread, and pastries because
numerous studies have shown that excessive refined carbohydrate consumption
has been linked to the health conditions we talked about.
All in all, we have discussed a general overview of refined versus unrefined
carbohydrates and this dietary advice are not written in stone. Thus, if you have a
specific health condition and are unsure as to how much carbs and what kind you
should or shouldn’t incorporate into your diet, it would be best to consult a
nutritionist or dietitian to receive the most accurate advice about how to plan
your meals.

Current and emerging healthy food trends

Every country and region has its own gastronomy and is passionate about its own
cuisine although food trends evolve. Many industries have faced losses but the
food industry is the only evolving one that is trending and riding daily no matter
what. Current food trends are exciting. Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures
and every cuisine has its specialty and taste whether it be Italian, Chinese, Thai or
any other kind. The only thing is that it should be rich in taste, quality,
presentation, and most importantly contain healthy ingredients. Here are some
current and emerging healthy food trends all over the world.

Meal Kits
During Covid-19, meal kits became the most popular food trend of 2021. As some
people are not able to cook and others live miles away from home, meal kits have
all important and essential food items and save customers time from having to go
grocery shopping and do prepping. Millions of people have been dependent on
meal kits ever since lockdowns and these kits have been a booster for the
restaurant industry.

Plant-based nutritional food
Vegetables and herbs are food for our physical and mental health. According to a
survey, people have agreed that consuming vegetables & herbs are the best
alternatives to food that contains animal products are flavored with simulated
flavors. Even many celebrities such as Bill Clinton have resorted to plant-based
diets to resolve their health issues. Plant-based foods are an innovation in the
food industry. Recently, many fast-food chains have developed recipes for the
meatless burgers which are commonly referred to as the “beyond meat” burger
which contains ingredients such as: water, mung bean protein, tofu, and rice
protein that are flavored naturally with lemon juice, pomegranate extract, apple
extract and vinegar. One would never ever imagine that meatless burgers would
taste good, but surprisingly, they do not taste bad at all. Large coffee corporations
are offering their customers alternatives to taking dairy products with their coffee
and have put new vegan items such as soya latte, almond milk latte, and coconut
milk latte on their menu. Also, vegetarian hot dogs have come into vogue and
many smoothies and milkshakes which commonly contain dairy products are now
being made with coconut, soya, and almond milk.

Eco-friendly packaging
Sustainability is an evergreen trend thus the Western world has become socially
responsible regarding protecting the environment by reducing the number of
emissions and industrial pollutants which are being released into the atmosphere.
Until recently, many companies delivered their food in plastic containers which
would get thrown into the garbage cans and subsequently into landfills and
oceans after use and harm sea creatures who would die by trying to consume
them. We have become more advanced and have learned to find alternative ways
of disposing waste to protect our trees, wildlife, and sea life. How have done that
though? Instead of using plastic products, we have shifted our way of doing
business and are now using mushroom and cornstarch packaging, recycled
cardboard plastics, and biodegradable packing peanuts to package our
commodities. The purpose of using packaging made of biodegradable products is
to reduce waste of natural resources and decrease the carbon footprint.
Moreover, children are also being taught to be more socially responsible
regarding protecting the environment at school, so they will thus be more likely to
order food from companies whose packaging supports this concept when they
become adults. So clearly, the packaging trends are shifting.

Virtual celebrations
During the pandemic, celebrations have just become a dream because we can no
longer have any social gatherings. Luckily, due to the invention of technology, we
can remain connected to our loves ones by having virtual celebrations through
zoom or video calls. Also, birthday cakes are becoming an old trend. However,
customized cupcakes and cake jars are in vogue for every special occasion.

Vegans, Vegetarians, and Pescatarians

Before discussing about the Vegans, Vegetarians, and Pescatarians, let’s discuss a little history.  Prior to the Industrial Revolution, all societies were agricultural. People would
grow their crops, grind their wheat, bake their bread, and preserved
food for winter. Upon the advent of Industrialization between 1760-1840, society
changed drastically. Factories were used to manufacture textiles & clothing using
machinery, as a result of which the cost of producing goods became less
expensive. Food technology was invented and preservatives and chemicals were
used to elongate the shelf lives of packaged and manufactured products. By
resorting to the use of additives, the chemical composition, the nutritive value of
manufactured edibles diminished significantly.
Many people wonder why it is that we cannot eat like how our ancestors
used to. The reason for that is because our lifestyles have changed and so has the
quality of the food we are consuming. Our ancestors who were farmers were
much more physically active than we are and the food which they consumed was
100% natural and did not contain any harmful additives. Back in the olden days,
people didn’t have cars, so their lifestyles were different which is why they could
probably consume greater calories without putting on weight and were not so
obsessed about what they were eating like how many people are in the present
Nowadays, most of the packaged food we purchase at grocery stores has tons of
additives and preservatives in them. In addition, hormones are being used in
meat to fatten up animals and boost up meat production for greater profit
margins which not only harm us but also lessen the nutritional benefits we could
gain from animal protein. Additionally, Genetically Modified foods have even had
a worse effect on our bodies which is the common reason why the number of
individuals with food allergies and celiac disease is on the rise. For these
reasons, several people have resorted to specific kinds of diets such as vegan,
vegetarian, and pescatarian diets to combat, reduce, or minimize the adverse
effect that Industrialized foods containing GMO’sGMOs have had on their bodies.
North America is a new continent and many concepts and ideas that people here
have, have been derived or adopted from other societies. For instance, veganism,
and vegetarianism have existed in South East Asia or India for centuries due to the
religious beliefs of Hindus and Buddhists. North Americans have recently
discovered and resorted to adopting these diets into their lifestyles for reasons
other than religion. The industrialization of food has led to mass production of it
which has been done with the use of growth hormones and harmful chemicals
injected into animal proteins. Not only does the meat we consume contain by-products of such chemicals, but so does the yogurt and milk we eat. If steroids
and growth hormones make animals grow bigger and fatter, then what is it doing
to our bodies? Even the organic meat we eat may not be 100% organic because
according to the law, a product has got to be 60% organic to be classified
and labelled as “organic” at a grocery store. For this reason, those of us who are
ultra-conscious about our health have altogether refrained from eating any
animal products, including eggs, and have resorted to maintaining a vegan or
vegetarian, or pescatarian diet to keep healthy. But what exactly defines or
constitutes a vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian diet?

A Vegan diet
A vegan diet includes vegetables, carbohydrates, and legumes, but no meat,
poultry, fish, seafood, or dairy products. It also excludes fish, eggs, and baked
items containing any dairy. People who consume a vegan diet must make sure
that they are eating enough pulses to ensure that they are getting enough protein
in their diet.

A Vegetarian diet
This type of diet does not include meat, poultry or fish, or seafood. However,
there are some subtypes of vegetarians that may or may not include dairy
products such as milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, and eggs. People who consume a
lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet do not consume any animal or poultry products but
consume poultry by-products such as eggs and milk. Diets like the Lacto, vegetarian kind eliminates flesh products of animals and poultry as well. But they
consume milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt. The Ovo-vegetarian eliminates all
animals products as well as dairy products but includes eggs. People with such
diets are at a lower risk of developing bodily inflammation, heart disease, and
certain types of cancer.

A Pescatarian diet
This diet includes all vegetarian products such as leafy green vegetables in
addition to fish and seafood but excludes all animal and poultry products and by-products. People who consume such diets are not counted as vegetarians because
they include fish and other seafood products like prawns, crabs, and shrimp. They
also consume bean, legumes, and fish oils which are good for health. The best and
common things about these diets are that they contain essential nutrients and are
free of all preservatives, added sugars, and saturated fats. People who choose any
of these diet patterns have a lower risk of developing health-related issues
commonly associated with obesity. They live longer and healthier lives because
they consume natural products and do not require any supplements. A lot of sea
products such as soup stock made of fish bones and seaweed contain a lot of
calcium which is great for our bone health. Pescatarians will unlikely have any
vitamin deficiency in their diets because their nutritional needs will have been
met in such a way.

Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors

As we get older our metabolism slows down and we need to alter our diets to
adjust to our changing bodies by eating food that is lower in calories. Nowadays, it
has become difficult to feed seniors with health issues for as people get older,
their appetites decrease. For this reason, elderly people need to consume
specialized diets if they are struggling with health issues such as diabetes, high
blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Just because seniors have to eat healthy
food, it does not mean that they have to give up their favourite foods; all they need
to do is modify the recipes of the dishes and eat treats in moderation. Try to inculcate some of the healthy eating habits for seniors in their diets and see wonders happening in their health condition.

Common health issues among seniors
When we age, our bodies face hormonal and physical changes. Our bones and
internal organs may get weaker. Moreover, if we do not maintain a healthy
lifestyle by engaging in a regular exercise routine and taking care of our bodies
when we are young, we may not age so gracefully and face challenges during our
golden years. For instance, individuals who have led sedentary lifestyles and
consumed high quantities of sugar and refined carbohydrates throughout their
lives might be susceptible to developing Diabetes type 2 or Osteoporosis, or heart
disease, or thyroid issues when they become seniors. Thus, it is imperative to
maintain a healthy lifestyle so that we do not face such obstacles later on in life.

Consuming enough liquids
It is scientifically proven that drinking 8 glasses of water daily is important for
hydration. Metabolism, and proper functioning of our organs. Water flushes out
the toxins from our bodies, raises our metabolism, and is the key element
necessary for the proper functioning of our organs. Juice, coffee, and soft drinks
contain natural and processed sugar which is not always beneficial to us. Caffeine
in beverages can elevate our heart rate and keep us awake at night, especially if
we already struggle with insomnia. Beverages such as skim milk will give you the
benefits of absorbing Calcium without the added calories of a dairy product.

Meal planning
If we plan balanced meals regularly, we won’t forget to eat and replenish our
bodies with the necessary nutrients. The greatest portion of each meal should
consist of fruits and vegetables. Those who have sugar imbalances in their bodies
might have to refrain from eating certain kinds of fruits and vegetables and may
have to seek the counsel of dieticians to guide them. It is important to vary the
types of vegetables we consume because different kinds of vegetables provide us
with different vitamins. For instance, carrots have beta-keratin which is great for
our eye health and green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach have folic acid
and iron which women’s bodies require. However, fats, namely animal fats should
be consumed in limited amounts.

Selecting seasonings carefully
Seasonings always add “kick” to our meals and make them more
interesting. However, if we have health issues such as gastric problems such as
Crohn’s Disease, ulcers, or intestinal issues, we might want to be careful about
how much chilli or spices we consume so that our symptoms do not flare up as a
result. Recent research has proven that certain types of spices such as turmeric
have medicinal properties; however, our salt intake has to be reduced if we suffer
from high blood pressure or heart problems.

Say no to white sugar
White sugar is a refined carbohydrate that has no nutritive value whatsoever and
apart from making our food taste great, it raises the insulin levels of our bodies
and can thus be detrimental to seniors who have diabetes. Alternatively, we can
treat ourselves once in while with less sinful treats with better alternatives such
as raw sugar, brown sugar, honey or artificial sugars, and chocolate treats
designed for diabetics without compromising on flavour.

Healthy Grains and Greens

Healthy Grains and greens both have their benefits. Eating healthy food keeps your
stomach and digestive system in good shape. Many people question what will be
better for their health; grains or greens and how their health will be if they skip
one of them or both? People get confused because they receive conflicting
nutritional information from a variety of sources What to eat daily and what is
your balanced diet schedule ought to be is also a big question for many of us.
They both have their importance in our lives. Plant-based food has
become a new fad nowadays.
Both greens and grains have essential vitamins, nutrients, and fibers that are
significant for a healthy body and mind. There is a very clear difference between
grains and greens. Grains come from only specific types of plants such as grasses
such as wheat and are similar to legumes whereas vegetables come from any of
part of a plant such as a stem, leaf, or roots.

Benefits of greens or vegetables
According to research, consuming leafy, green vegetables lowers the risk of heart
disease or cardiovascular problems. Vegetables contain proteins, iron, potassium,
calcium, vitamin A, B-6, C, E, and K and spinach contains antioxidants. Also, they
have few calories. Sweet potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and other vegetables have
health benefits as well. People are more likely to buy canned or frozen vegetables
which are not bad for their health but don’t have as many benefits as fresh
vegetables. Also, these vegetables are not only rich in essential nutrients but are
also packed with flavour. Carrots help to reduce eye disorders and improve
eyesight. Those who eat vegetables regularly are healthier than people who skip

Benefits of Grains
Research has proven that eating whole grains or making them at least half a part
of your meal reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. Grains contain fiber which
is great for our gut health or digestion. The minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals
in them boost our immunity as well.
There are 3 kinds of grains but whole grains are the most purified and the
healthiest. The other kind of grains such as enriched and refined ones are not as
healthful as whole ones because the former has all the essential nutrients and
are perfect for a balanced diet. Moreover, the nutrients of refined grains are lost
during their processing period.

regular customer

The positives of being a regular customer

If a business has its customer’s loyalty, then it is one of the most successful
brands. However, there are lots of advantages to being a regular customer of a
particular company. There are many positives to being a regular customer as it
builds a brand and customer relationship and enables you to derive benefits such
as long-term memberships, discounts, promotional offers in addition to other
perks such as free samples of new products.
When you are a regular or loyal customer of a company, you may receive several
emails and texts regarding free promotional items. For instance, if a company
wants to introduce a new product such as a particular flavour of dessert or a new
dish which they want to try out, they might value you enough want to know your
opinion about the taste of what they are selling to see if the public might like it.
Thus, you might receive free products if you purchase food from such a company
regularly. Moreover, the company will take your feedback regarding new
products more seriously and might alter their recipes to suit your taste.
In addition, loyal customers may get gifts such as discounted offers and free
items. How does that work? Certain companies have loyalty programs where
when you purchase a certain number of meals, you will get a free meal as a
reward for supporting the business. For instance, some coffee shops have loyalty
cards. If you purchase a certain number of coffee drinks, you will get a drink of
choice for free. Certain menu items may be discounted from time to time because
a company has a surplus of stocks that they want to get rid of. Thus, they will
select regular customers to sell these items to at a discounted price.
Also, if you shop from a certain company regularly and establish a personalized
positive relationship with the owner, they might prioritize your needs over those
of other customers and go out of their way to do special favours for you and
deliver bulk orders free of charge. Thus, you will derive great long-term benefits
with suppliers, if you strengthen your bond with them.
Meal companies might have special events or parties from time to time when
they will invite and entertain their preferred customers at venues. You may
receive unexpected benefits at such events such as pens, booklets, magnets, and
other useful handy-dandy items which you can use at home.
Companies also offer membership cards to V.I. P customers which can be used to
purchase items at lower prices. They may also celebrate their loyal customer’s
birthdays by sending them to surprise gifts to honour them on a yearly basis.

local healthy food

Supporting local businesses versus franchises

Advertising and marketing are powerful tools that brainwash customers and
lure them into purchasing goods that they might not otherwise buy.
Advertisements and commercials such as those of Mcdonald’s restaurant, for
instance, loom everywhere on billboards, buses, magazines, kiosks, and
televisions because such corporations can afford mass advertising
campaigns since their franchisees and bound to pay high royalties and marketing
fees in signed agreements. Thus, franchisees are very well known because of their
visual presence. But what are the benefits of supporting a local business as
opposed to a corporation?
When you make meal purchases from a large corporation such as McDonald’s
Restaurants, for instance, proceeds from the sales go to the franchisee and also to
an international corporation based out of The United States. Thus, you are not
fueling the local economy when you purchase food from such establishments. If
you are a true Vancouverite and care about the best interests of your city, you
should get your meals from a local vendor to support the city and its citizens to
strengthen the local economy. How would doing that benefit you? Statistics show
that for every dollar you spend at an independent business, 3 times more money
is fuelled into the local economy compared to the amount spent at a larger chain
restaurant. You are not only helping a local vendor survive when you make
purchases from smaller businesses, but you are also helping to improve the plight
of the city where you reside and pay taxes. When small businesses thrive, the
local economy and community become strengthened as well. Subsequently,
when local businesses do well, more jobs are created as a result of which,
competition and unemployment rates go down.
Another reason why you should make your food purchases from local vendors is
to protect the environment. How does that happen? Local businesses purchase
their products from local suppliers thus requiring less transportation and
outsourcing. Because such businesses are small, they are located closer to
residential areas where there is more foot traffic, fewer cars, less traffic, and less
air pollution leading to less congestion, less habitat loss, and less of a negative
impact on the environment. Local suppliers that small businesses purchase their
wholesale goods from sell better quality products such as organic eggs, fruits,
vegetables, and grass-fed meats which are better for our health. This means that
you and your family can enjoy tastier and healthier meals.
This might sound absurd to you but when we purchase our goods from a local
business regularly, we might aid the city in lowering our taxes. But how does such
a thing happen? Small businesses use land efficiently which puts less pressure on
roads, the sewage system, and safety services because they do not require large
and heavy trucks to deliver tons of goods to them. Additionally, independent
businesses often generate more tax revenue which means that they keep your
taxes lower as compared to mega-stores.