Current and emerging healthy food trends

Every country and region has its own gastronomy and is passionate about its own
cuisine although food trends evolve. Many industries have faced losses but the
food industry is the only evolving one that is trending and riding daily no matter
what. Current food trends are exciting. Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures
and every cuisine has its specialty and taste whether it be Italian, Chinese, Thai or
any other kind. The only thing is that it should be rich in taste, quality,
presentation, and most importantly contain healthy ingredients. Here are some
current and emerging healthy food trends all over the world.

Meal Kits
During Covid-19, meal kits became the most popular food trend of 2021. As some
people are not able to cook and others live miles away from home, meal kits have
all important and essential food items and save customers time from having to go
grocery shopping and do prepping. Millions of people have been dependent on
meal kits ever since lockdowns and these kits have been a booster for the
restaurant industry.

Plant-based nutritional food
Vegetables and herbs are food for our physical and mental health. According to a
survey, people have agreed that consuming vegetables & herbs are the best
alternatives to food that contains animal products are flavored with simulated
flavors. Even many celebrities such as Bill Clinton have resorted to plant-based
diets to resolve their health issues. Plant-based foods are an innovation in the
food industry. Recently, many fast-food chains have developed recipes for the
meatless burgers which are commonly referred to as the “beyond meat” burger
which contains ingredients such as: water, mung bean protein, tofu, and rice
protein that are flavored naturally with lemon juice, pomegranate extract, apple
extract and vinegar. One would never ever imagine that meatless burgers would
taste good, but surprisingly, they do not taste bad at all. Large coffee corporations
are offering their customers alternatives to taking dairy products with their coffee
and have put new vegan items such as soya latte, almond milk latte, and coconut
milk latte on their menu. Also, vegetarian hot dogs have come into vogue and
many smoothies and milkshakes which commonly contain dairy products are now
being made with coconut, soya, and almond milk.

Eco-friendly packaging
Sustainability is an evergreen trend thus the Western world has become socially
responsible regarding protecting the environment by reducing the number of
emissions and industrial pollutants which are being released into the atmosphere.
Until recently, many companies delivered their food in plastic containers which
would get thrown into the garbage cans and subsequently into landfills and
oceans after use and harm sea creatures who would die by trying to consume
them. We have become more advanced and have learned to find alternative ways
of disposing waste to protect our trees, wildlife, and sea life. How have done that
though? Instead of using plastic products, we have shifted our way of doing
business and are now using mushroom and cornstarch packaging, recycled
cardboard plastics, and biodegradable packing peanuts to package our
commodities. The purpose of using packaging made of biodegradable products is
to reduce waste of natural resources and decrease the carbon footprint.
Moreover, children are also being taught to be more socially responsible
regarding protecting the environment at school, so they will thus be more likely to
order food from companies whose packaging supports this concept when they
become adults. So clearly, the packaging trends are shifting.

Virtual celebrations
During the pandemic, celebrations have just become a dream because we can no
longer have any social gatherings. Luckily, due to the invention of technology, we
can remain connected to our loves ones by having virtual celebrations through
zoom or video calls. Also, birthday cakes are becoming an old trend. However,
customized cupcakes and cake jars are in vogue for every special occasion.

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