Healthy Grains and Greens

Healthy Grains and greens both have their benefits. Eating healthy food keeps your
stomach and digestive system in good shape. Many people question what will be
better for their health; grains or greens and how their health will be if they skip
one of them or both? People get confused because they receive conflicting
nutritional information from a variety of sources What to eat daily and what is
your balanced diet schedule ought to be is also a big question for many of us.
They both have their importance in our lives. Plant-based food has
become a new fad nowadays.
Both greens and grains have essential vitamins, nutrients, and fibers that are
significant for a healthy body and mind. There is a very clear difference between
grains and greens. Grains come from only specific types of plants such as grasses
such as wheat and are similar to legumes whereas vegetables come from any of
part of a plant such as a stem, leaf, or roots.

Benefits of greens or vegetables
According to research, consuming leafy, green vegetables lowers the risk of heart
disease or cardiovascular problems. Vegetables contain proteins, iron, potassium,
calcium, vitamin A, B-6, C, E, and K and spinach contains antioxidants. Also, they
have few calories. Sweet potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and other vegetables have
health benefits as well. People are more likely to buy canned or frozen vegetables
which are not bad for their health but don’t have as many benefits as fresh
vegetables. Also, these vegetables are not only rich in essential nutrients but are
also packed with flavour. Carrots help to reduce eye disorders and improve
eyesight. Those who eat vegetables regularly are healthier than people who skip

Benefits of Grains
Research has proven that eating whole grains or making them at least half a part
of your meal reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. Grains contain fiber which
is great for our gut health or digestion. The minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals
in them boost our immunity as well.
There are 3 kinds of grains but whole grains are the most purified and the
healthiest. The other kind of grains such as enriched and refined ones are not as
healthful as whole ones because the former has all the essential nutrients and
are perfect for a balanced diet. Moreover, the nutrients of refined grains are lost
during their processing period.

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