Supporting local businesses versus franchises

local healthy food

Advertising and marketing are powerful tools that brainwash customers and
lure them into purchasing goods that they might not otherwise buy.
Advertisements and commercials such as those of Mcdonald’s restaurant, for
instance, loom everywhere on billboards, buses, magazines, kiosks, and
televisions because such corporations can afford mass advertising
campaigns since their franchisees and bound to pay high royalties and marketing
fees in signed agreements. Thus, franchisees are very well known because of their
visual presence. But what are the benefits of supporting a local business as
opposed to a corporation?
When you make meal purchases from a large corporation such as McDonald’s
Restaurants, for instance, proceeds from the sales go to the franchisee and also to
an international corporation based out of The United States. Thus, you are not
fueling the local economy when you purchase food from such establishments. If
you are a true Vancouverite and care about the best interests of your city, you
should get your meals from a local vendor to support the city and its citizens to
strengthen the local economy. How would doing that benefit you? Statistics show
that for every dollar you spend at an independent business, 3 times more money
is fuelled into the local economy compared to the amount spent at a larger chain
restaurant. You are not only helping a local vendor survive when you make
purchases from smaller businesses, but you are also helping to improve the plight
of the city where you reside and pay taxes. When small businesses thrive, the
local economy and community become strengthened as well. Subsequently,
when local businesses do well, more jobs are created as a result of which,
competition and unemployment rates go down.
Another reason why you should make your food purchases from local vendors is
to protect the environment. How does that happen? Local businesses purchase
their products from local suppliers thus requiring less transportation and
outsourcing. Because such businesses are small, they are located closer to
residential areas where there is more foot traffic, fewer cars, less traffic, and less
air pollution leading to less congestion, less habitat loss, and less of a negative
impact on the environment. Local suppliers that small businesses purchase their
wholesale goods from sell better quality products such as organic eggs, fruits,
vegetables, and grass-fed meats which are better for our health. This means that
you and your family can enjoy tastier and healthier meals.
This might sound absurd to you but when we purchase our goods from a local
business regularly, we might aid the city in lowering our taxes. But how does such
a thing happen? Small businesses use land efficiently which puts less pressure on
roads, the sewage system, and safety services because they do not require large
and heavy trucks to deliver tons of goods to them. Additionally, independent
businesses often generate more tax revenue which means that they keep your
taxes lower as compared to mega-stores.

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